Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 18, 2017

Today we discussed how natural events such as intense precipitation, flooding, drought, heat waves, extreme cold, high winds, tropical storms, land and mudslides can impact our areas. It was refreshing to see the rain today, although we were inside. Tomorrow we will find a place for the rain gauge that I brought.

A few key words and terms have been discussed so far in our class:
geographic information system (GIS)
surface water

You all did a great job in your community profile groups today. On Wednesday, if you haven't finished the map, please do. If you haven't finished it, I will give you instructions during class on what to do next.

Today's lecture slides are available for download from this PDF.

P.S. Just for fun I mentioned how a haiku can be used to communicate awareness of a hazard. In the US, the Arizona Department of Transportation had a contest for people to come up with a haiku on the dangers of driving through a dust storm. They called it the #HaboobHaiku.

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