Sunday, July 16, 2017

July 17, 2017

Welcome to Water Security in a Changing Climate!

In this course we will discuss how we may view water security in the face of changing climate and the role of peace in enhancing conditions and opportunities. We will cover climate change and climates found in Colombia and how ENSO has impacted water availability and quality, agriculture, and health. The class will focus on the stresses put on water in Colombia such urbanization and climate change. At the end of the course we will hold a three-day DataJam that will give you an opportunity to put into practice what you learned in the lectures.

Please bring with you paper and pen/pencil. We will have in class assignments that you need to hand in.

We went over a lot of material today but it was a pleasure meeting all of you. In our short time together in this class I hope to get to know you a little better.

We will be using this blog to have all of your assignments and news about the class. Please view it daily to keep up.

First assignment
You first assignment is to identify a past weather event that you have experienced and identify vulnerabilities based on your research. Pick a weather event that you can find information on when it occurred, what it affected, and who it affected. This document explains the project in some detail. We can discuss the project more during class. You are welcome to bring questions to class on Tuesday.
Your homework that is due on Friday is to complete part 1 of the project.

Remember to set up your Twitter account and start tweeting about our class starting Wednesday. This document details the requirements for using Twitter. The requirements are to include @nmclimate in your post and the hashtag #LaSalleAgua17. Use my twitter account to see examples of other people tweeting about the water, weather and the climate.

Please hand in all assignments in English. The Twitter assignment will also need to be in English.

Here is the first set of lecture slides from today: PDF of slides

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  1. To speak of water is to speak of the climatic change that has been presenting, for many of our anthropic activities, the course for me is of great enrichment.